Least Funny Top 10 8 List Ever

Where oh where do I start?  None of this is stuff that has not been said before, but it’s a pretty high-profile person saying it.  Dean Frank Wu, of UC Hastings College of Law says it best, that “there are simply too many law students training for a J.D. in a market that is already saturated.”

The Trouble with Law School (Above the Law)

It should be noted that the Wu quoted in this article is neither Hong Kong action director John Woo nor the Wu who micturated upon the Dude’s rug.


Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?

The “fiscal cliff,” explained.  Interesting stuff, man.

What’s Going on With the Fiscal Cliff? (Mother Jones)

* Note: even our greatest financial experts cannot manage to use the “fiscal cliff” to resuscitate John Ratzenberger’s career.