Bankruptcy Court deemed “essential”

At least the Bankruptcy Court for E.D. Pa. is.  See the order:


Big news

I’m proud to announce that I have joined the board of the Fishtown Neighbors Association! I attended my first meeting as a board member tonight after time spent helping out with the Zoning Committee and involvement in other FNA events. I look forward to continuing to help the community through board service going forward.

So that happened

There are no words to discuss yesterday’s events in Connecticut that do not sound trite.  But if we are just talking policy, my feeling is that a major overhaul of the American mental health system would be a huge step in preventing future mass shootings.

(Go ahead, call me trite. Or a liberal. I’ve been called worse.)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

Germans using unwilling and unwitting civilians as medical guinea pigs and slave labor … hmmmm … where have we heard that before?

This is as much reminiscent of the Tuskeegee experiments as much as Dr. Mengele; both atrocities, neither surprising, sadly enough.

Drug firms bought East German patients to use as human guinea pigs (The Independent)