Big win for the little guy

What happens when a tenant fights back?

My client had signed a lease and paid six (6!) months’ rent up front. Then she continued to pay rent on the first of each month thereafter. My client paid a total of 11 months’ rent before moving out. The landlords never sued her; however, they never provided her an accounting for damages to the property nor did they return the money she had overpaid.  While the court held that some damages precluded the return of her security deposit, judgment was ultimately in favor of my client to the tune of 3 and one-half months’ rent – her original overpayment.

And that’s the value of hiring counsel.


Now with 100% more creepiness!

This ad appeared today on Craigslist.

It appears that the attorney is not only creepy but is seeking to hire someone to violate the PA Rules of Professional Conduct, particularly, the prohibition of direct in-person solicitation of potential clients.  Is this something I should be (Perhaps anonymously?) reporting to the Disciplinary Board?

I have a feeling I know who the original Craigslist poster is.  I’m obviously not posting that lawyer’s name here; however, if anyone has any further knowledge of this they can contact me at  I’m not a fan of seeing ethical breaches flaunted this openly.